Luz Castillo

Portrait of Luz Castillo

Luz Castillo has over 23 years of experience in education. Luz’s K-12 background includes teaching and administrative experience supporting teachers, students, and parents at the elementary and secondary levels. Luz has a proven track record of improving learning opportunities and conditions for all students; developing effective relationships with all stakeholders; providing a clear vision toward […]

Scott McGuire

Portrait of Scott McGuire

Scott has over 20 years of experience as a teacher, intervention specialist, district-level professional development specialist, instructional technology coach, Elementary School Principal, and most recently serving as Director of Education Services at Orenda Education, serving to help other schools and districts work to ensure that all students achieve at high levels. He holds his master’s […]

Jeanette Salinas

Portrait of Jeanette Salinas

Jeanette Salinas is a Director of Education Services for Orenda Education. She has over 30+ years of experience in education. She has served as teacher, literacy specialist, instructional coach and principal. Her areas of expertise include curriculum alignment, balanced literacy and instructional design. Jeanette’s experience and enthusiasm fortify her well as she provides teacher and […]

Kurt Wooton

Portrait of Kurt Wooton

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Sara Shankin

Portrait of Sara Shankin

Sara M. Shankin has worked in education for over 30 years, serving in various capacities including Director of Data Processing, Management Information Services/Instructional Technology and Evaluation. With her extensive technical experience in school districts, she provides support in collecting, reporting and analyzing data to support student achievement. Sara is an integral part of designing and […]

Carlye Olsen Marousek

Portrait of Carlye Olsen Marousek

Dr. Carlye Olsen Marousek has over 30 years in public education as a teacher in elementary, middle, and high school, as well as adult school and county programs for adults with cognitive challenges. Carlye was also a high school principal, and administrator at the district office for 13 years before going to Orenda Education to […]

Janet Hwang

Portrait of Janet Hwang

Janet Hwang has had over 25 years experience in public education at the secondary level as a middle & high school teacher and site & district leader in urban and inner-city school contexts. Her roles have specialized around secondary ELA, English Learners, curriculum & instruction, professional learning, coaching, parent engagement, assessments, state & federal program […]

Shay Bluemer-Miroite

Portrait of Shay Bluemer-Miroite

Shay Bluemer-Miroite has more than 15 years of experience improving complex systems. At Shift, she leads the improvement advising team and supports improvement advisors as they work on transforming systems in sectors like education and public health. As an improvement advisor, Shay helps teams create inclusive design spaces and guides people and networks as they […]

Robin Avelar La Salle

Portrait of Robin Avelar La Salle

Dr. Robin Avelar La Salle is founder and CEO of Orenda Education, a professional education and technical assistance organization. For more than 20 years, Dr. Avelar La Salle and the Orenda team have been thought partners for districts and schools aspiring to transform their systems and practices to raise student achievement. An equity warrior and […]