Carol Battle is a 20 year veteran of public education. Her experiences as “the one” African-American student and teacher in most of her academic settings have shaped and driven her pursuits in equity and diversity issues. She has taught in both Texas and California and in charter and traditional school settings. Prior to joining the GSE, Carol served as CSUSM’s 2018-2020 Distinguished Teacher in Residence and Elementary and Middle School Humanities teacher in San Diego. Her emphasis on all campuses was infusing analysis of texts and historical events with a multifaceted lens. Carol is also a Teacher Consultant for the San Marcos Writing Project, an affiliate of the California and National Writing Projects. Additionally, she is a Board Member for the San Diego Council of the California Teachers of English and the California Teachers of English where she spearheaded the addition of a Diversity and Equity AdHoc committee and has written a column for their quarterly publication, California English.