Rosemarie has spent over 20 years in Elementary Education and has been greatly inspired by one of her favorite places–Kindergarten! She believes in bringing the lessons learned from her Kindergarten students to the adult learning world: play, wonder, meaning making through the senses, and most especially, JOY! As a Professional Learning Coordinator, she is passionate about sharing the magic of children’s questions as the inspiration for transformative project design.

Rosemarie was a primary grades teacher for 10 years before joining High Tech Elementary Chula Vista’s founding faculty in 2011. As a Kindergarten teacher, her projects were centered on her students’ many questions about the world around them and the stories from their real and imaginative lives. She is a fierce advocate and practitioner of play-based learning and has collaborated with the Center for Playful Inquiry in the areas of Story Workshop and play-based project design. Currently, she serves as a mentor for new teachers and teaches the Elementary Literacy course at the High Tech High Teacher Center. Rosemarie graduated from San Diego State University and holds a B.A. in Liberal Studies, a Multiple Subject Credential, and an M.A. in Policy Studies in Language and Cross-Cultural Education.