Yoli grew up in the San Joaquin Valley surrounded by vineyards, cherry orchards, tons of cows, and of course her familia. She attended UC Davis and earned a degree in Sociology and Spanish with a minor in Chican@ Studies. Yoli launched her teaching career in Sacramento. She moved down to sunny SoCal in 2008, and this is her 11th year with HTHCV. Yoli and her husband welcomed a baby boy named Dante in May of 2017. They stay busy watching him grow and explore. He is right in the middle of the infamous terrible twos. So, if you have any advice on how to avoid tantrums, please feel free to share. Yoli this year celebrated her Quinceanera (15 years teaching Spanish). It’s been an amazing journey. However, this year Yoli will be leaving the classroom and will be helping out with the junior internship program, and the after school program. She is excited about this new role and is eager to see how she can continue to learn, grow and serve her community.