Cereescia Sandoval

Cereescia is a a bi-racial Indigenous American educator who sees her identity as directly connected to her purpose. She is devoted to re-imagining education for all students while centering liberation for Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and Asian American students. Cereescia has been teaching for 14 years and received her Masters in Ed. at University of Oregon […]

Shani Leader

Shani grew up in Northampton, a liberal college town in Western, Massachusetts. She earned her B.A. in Child Development and Studio Art from Tufts University. Shani has a Master’s degree in Art Education from Tufts and The Museum School of Fine Arts in Boston and recently earned her second Master’s in Educational Leadership at our […]

Nikki Hinostro

Portrait of Nikki Hinostro

Nikki was born and raised in San Diego where she was often found in one of 3 places: at school, on the soccer field, or at the Boys and Girls Club. She was taught how to love tenaciously and dance with spice by her Abuelita, how to listen and study every detail by her mother, […]

Tina Schuster

Portrait of Tina Schuster

I am excited to join the High Tech High Graduate School of Education School Redesign team this year as the Director of Innovation and Pedagogy. My passion in this work lies in the hope that we, as educators, can create transformative learning experiences for students. After graduating from the University of Virginia, I worked in […]

Stacey Lopaz

Portrait of Stacey Lopaz

Stacey’s passion for progressive education came from her time spent as an elementary school teacher in New Orleans, as part of her work with Teach for America from 2002 to 2004. Since then, Stacey has been constantly engaged in the study and practice of project-based learning as a vehicle for equity, across all grades. Stacey […]

Melissa Daniels

Portrait of Melissa Daniels

Melissa joined the Center for Love + Justice in 2020, where she co-leads the New School Creation Fellowship, supports the School ReDesign team, and leads coursework in the M.Ed program. Melissa joined High Tech High as a humanities teacher in 2006 after seven years of teaching at international schools in Cairo, Egypt and Rio de […]

Michelle Pledger

Portrait of Michelle Pledger

Dr. Pledger is the Director of Liberation at the Center for Research on Equity and Innovation, a center that brings together practitioners, researchers and youth to address complex problems of practice in K-12 education and create more equitable, engaging learning environments for all students. She also co-directs the Share Your Learning Campaign which aims to […]

Kaleb Rashad

Portrait of Kaleb Rashad

Dr. Kaleb Rashad is the Co-Founder & Creative Director at the Center for Love & Justice located within the High Tech High Graduate School of Education (HTH GSE). Kaleb works with community leaders in the US/Canada, Spain, and Hong Kong to create new schools and redesign existing schools focused on advancing equity through anti-racist project-based […]

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