As a founder of two High Tech Elementary (HTe) schools, a change agent at New Tech Network, and a current co-facilitator at the High Tech High Graduate School of Education, I have a strong background in PBL and Deeper Learning pedagogy, mentoring educators from diverse backgrounds, designing and facilitating professional learning, and collaborating with leaders to support strategic change in service of equity. Growing up as a Multilingual Learner, a first-generation Taiwanese immigrant, and experiencing teaching and learning in different settings around the globe, I have developed a unique lens for culturally responsive, learner-centered practices. The first time I learned about PBL was during my M.Ed program at the University of California – San Diego (UCSD). My professors sparked my curiosity and love for a kind of pedagogy I hadnever encountered before in my schooling experience. Through my time in the credentialing program at UCSD, my passion for cultivating active learning, grounded in student inquiry was ignited. The relational trust and responsive support nurtured by my professors fueled my desire to pass on these transformative learning experiences to learners in my own classroom. I left my M.Ed & Multiple Subjects Credentialing program with high hopes to cultivate equitable student-driven environments that would spark a common love and joy for learning. In the past eleven years in the education field, I have actively advocated for these types of transformative moments within schools. With opportunities for teacher leadership, coaching districts for systemic change, and self-growth, I have gained invaluable knowledge and humility as a practitioner and mentor for Deeper Learning practices and empathized with the complexities of transforming school systems and spaces.