Mari Jones is the Project Co-director of the Deeper Learning Hub, a national practitioner hub whose mission is to spread deeper learning practices and ensure that more students across the country are achieving deeper learning outcomes. She is co-leading the Share Your Learning Campaign which aims to focus on spreading a small set of practices (exhibition, student-led conferences, and presentations of learning), to 5 million students by 2020. She is also an Improvement Facilitator for the Center for Research on Equity and Innovation at High Tech High Graduate School of Education.

Mari has always felt that education is a form of activism, and she is passionate about promoting social change and equity by empowering youth. As an elementary educator for 14 years, she spent half of her career in National City, working primarily with English Learners and the other half working at High Tech Elementary Explorer, which nurtured her passion for social-emotional learning and crafting opportunities for meaningful learning experiences. She spent the past 2 years in the M.Ed. Educational Leadership program at HTH Graduate School of Education where her work largely focused on the intersection of project-based learning and social-emotional learning as important pathways that lead to the development of deeper learning competencies, and on professional development to support new teachers. Her work with the GSE enabled her to work in educational outreach, facilitating professional development for teachers outside of High Tech High, as well as through the mentorship program at the PBL Career Pathways Leadership Academy, a partnership between HTH and the California Department of Education. She holds a B.A. in Communication, a Multiple-Subject Bilingual, Crosscultural, Language and Academic Development Credential, and an M.Ed. in Research, Equity, and Technology from UCSD.