Shay Bluemer-Miroite has more than 15 years of experience improving complex systems. At Shift, she leads the improvement advising team and supports improvement advisors as they work on transforming systems in sectors like education and public health. As an improvement advisor, Shay helps teams create inclusive design spaces and guides people and networks as they learn to center the voices and expertise of those often overlooked by the system and put their insights into practice.
Shay’s journey to improvement work began as a training program evaluator in the Caribbean. Looking for solutions to systems-level barriers that prevented healthcare workers from applying their learning led her to this field. Eventually, she would lead an improvement network that spanned five countries and over 25 healthcare facilities in the region, improving the responsiveness of the system and health outcomes by elevating the voices of patients with HIV in partnership with their healthcare providers.
Her work has expanded to include continuous improvement in education; she partnered with the Erikson Institute to design and launched a Family Child Care learning collaborative pilot in 2019. She also provided leadership for the Building Equitable Learning Environments (BELE) Network, working with intermediaries focused on closing the opportunity gap for Black and Brown students and students living in poverty.
A Michigan native, Shay has resided Seattle, WA for more than 15 years. She received her master’s degree in Public Health at the University of Washington and completed her bachelor’s degree at Western Michigan University, where she studied French and environmental science. She is happiest on any beach where she can spend time with her husband, Tony, and two kids, Mika and Adele.