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We Believe

We co-design schools for love, justice and collective liberation. Every child has inherent dignity, worth and genius. Racism and injustice, like a stained glass, obscure and distort students’ brilliance. We are the heirs in a line of noble working class people, across race and time, who fought for loving community and justice.

Our Work

We see school as a place where young folks feel seen, heard, activated and connected to their community. We use justice-driven, love-centered design to fiercely challenge inequity and co-create radically loving visions of the student experience—prioritizing cultural, economic and environmental justice. We design for the collective liberation of everybody.

A young girl holds up a birds of prey pamphlet
Group photo of the Center for Love and Justice team

Our Team

We co-design schools for love, justice and collective liberation.

New School Creation

for Equity and Deeper Learning

The Graduate School of Education (GSE) New School Creation Fellowship is designed for educators who are passionate and committed to designing and founding new schools focused on justice, equity and deeper learning. High Tech High schools provide an innovative and disruptive context for fellows to reimagine what is possible for K-12 education, and are intended to serve as sources for inspiration, not replication.

A diverse group of students sitting in a circle
Two teachers play rock-paper-scissors while their colleagues watch

School Redesign

for Love and Justice

School Redesign partners the HTH GSE with existing schools and districts to advance equity for K-12 students through Liberatory Project Based Learning. We center our work around students and community by designing Liberatory Project Based Learning, centering student voice through democratic community practices, and making learning public with exhibitions of student work.

Everybody v. Injustice

We accelerate grassroot movements that interrupt interlocking injustices. We do design work with folks hell bent on disrupting unjust systems, expanding democratic power, and taking collective action to realize the dreams of our ancestors, our children and our communities. We are a design school for social justice. 

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